Working since 1979

We are Shadow Rathole Drilling Ltd.

Shadow Rathole Drilling was started in 1979 and has grown to be a company of 6 drills, multiple support trucks, specialized hammer trucks, and knowledgeable, efficient employees while maintaining our family-oriented beliefs. We are known for reliability, timely and efficient completion of work and the ability to work through difficult and unique projects. Our main areas of work are Northern Alberta, Northern BC and Southern NWT for ratholes, piles, and river crossings and to assist in directional drilling for pipelines. We have also been involved with the LRT in Calgary, multiple mills as well as many other projects.
Our equipment, experience, and fully stocked yard of supplies are available immediately to meet with most project requirements.

Our Specialization

Shadow Rathole Drilling utilizes the most modern, up to date equipment available to complete the job. The fleet includes:
  • Mait HR120 track mounted drill
  • Spiradrill LHD 50 track mounted drill
  • Soilmec T108 truck mounted drill
  • Watson 2100 truck mounted drill
  • Tri-drive units
  • Material trailers
  • Lowbed trailers
  • End dump trailer

Our Services

Rathole Drilling

Shadow Rathole Drilling owns and operates drills that are capable of drilling to depths of 135′ (41 meters). Our support trucks carry the materials and tooling needed to ensure the job is finished in a timely manner. With many different styles of augers, drilling buckets, and coring barrels on hand, we have the ability to handle any type of drilling conditions. in the event that casing is needed, a body job hammer unit is available to be dispatched immediately.
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Piling Services

Shadow Rathole Drilling has track and truck mounted drills with the capability of drilling from 12” up to 8’ in diameter. If needed, a skid steer can be supplied to ensure the job site is safe and organized. We supply rebar reinforcements and the crew to place and pour concrete for the pilings.
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Shadow Rathole Drilling can predrill from depths of 60′ for 12″ diameter holes and up to 135′ for larger diameters. The track mounted drills increase efficiency and our assortment of carbide tipped tools can speed up drilling in hard formations and frozen ground.
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Pipe Ramming Tools

Pneumatic pipe ramming tools are utilized to install. casing in all types of ground conditions. We specialized in trenchless casing installation and have pipe ramming equipment that is used for horizontal, vertical and angled installation of steel pipes or casings. We can also assist or salvage directional drilling operations.
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Portable Welder / Fabricating Shop

Shadow Rathole Drilling employs experienced, certified welders to perform field repairs on equipment or tools as needed. They can weld the pipe on site to ensure there are no delays and all job requirements are met. Our welders can fabricate specialty tools to guarantee the completion of any job.
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Lowbed Trailer / End Dump Services

Shadow Rathole Drilling provides lowbed trailer and end dump services. We have 55-ton capacity hydraulic detach lowboys that are able to adjust to accommodate tall loads or to handle extreme Off road conditions. Our tri-drive units can hook up to any trailer to haul fluid, pipe or others loads of materials. Shadow Rathole Drilling‘s tridem end dump unit can be used to assist on any construction site. With a tri-drive/tridem combination up to 32 tonnes of the product can be hauled. Clay, gravel, asphalt contaminated soil, and snow can be transported
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Pipe Supply

Shadow Rathole Drilling has a large inventory of pipe in stock ranging in size from diameters of 16” up to 36”. The pipe ranges in wall thickness to suit the job requirements. if needed, other sizes of pipe can be ordered and ready when required.
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